How much does a dialysis session cost?

A patient with insurance coverage has no financial burden, as the costs of dialysis are fully covered by the insurance company.

How often does dialysis take place and how long does it take?

Dialysis is an individualized treatment and is tailored to the needs of each patient. According to international protocols, it is recommended to perform 3 dialysis sessions per week, lasting 4 hours.

Are there other specialties besides nephrologists in your centers?

Our Nephrology Centers work with a cardiologist and an infectious disease specialist.

Do I need to see a doctor of a different specialty to prescribe my medication?

The treating physicians of our Nephrology Centers through the electronic prescription cover all the needs of the patients.

I have allergies, can I have dialysis?

In patients with allergies, dialysis is performed with filters whose synthetic membranes have anti-allergic action.

Is it possible to move patients for dialysis?

In cases of inability to move, our ambulances with specialized crew transport the patients from their home to the Nephrology Center and return them after the end of the dialysis session.

Am I entitled to any benefits as a kidney patient?

The state has taken care of the dialysis patients by offering benefits, so that their daily life becomes better. Kidney Patients’ Rights

Can I have dialysis at your center during my vacation in Athens?

Of course, you can contact our nearest Nephrology Center at your place of residence and schedule your sessions. Holidays & Dialysis