‘’Life is 
much more
than a disease’’

Do you know the rights of kidney patients?

Nefroiatriki - Nefros

The continuous upgrade and strengthening of human resources, infrastructure and functions aims to provide better and more effective renal replacement therapy. In addition, the ideal conditions are developed to enhance the level of patient well-being in combination with the long-term provision of environmental protection.

As followers of the vision of Dr. Ellis Fytilas-Plessa - who founded Nefroiatriki, the first Chronic Dialysis Unit in Attica, in 2002 - we are committed to the constant provision of the highest quality medical services. This is achieved by investing in the knowledge and continuous training of specialized staff, in combination with state-of-the-art equipment.

Quality assurance presupposes setting high goals, continuous evaluation, improvement and control.


Nutrition in Kidney Failure


Discover recipes specially designed for the diet of kidney patients and improve your quality of life.

About Chronic Kidney Disease

The incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease has been increasing worldwide in the recent decades. According to biostatistical studies, it is estimated that one in ten citizens is in extrarenal dialysis while one in three citizens is in one of the early stages of CKD without knowing it.

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